Here’s a really nice article about using nature to inspire more and better ideas. There is so much out there that we have only begun to explore and use as inspiration.

How reverse engineering nature can spur design innovation


So Magnus Larsson gave this TED talk entitled “Turning Dunes into Architecture”.  His idea is to build a giant wall across Africa, to halt or at least slow down the desertification process that is happening there.  The idea is to use bacteria that bond with the sand to make it hard, something like adobe.

It’s such a very cool idea, both useful and beautiful, and I wish I had some skills or knowledge that would be useful to such a project.  But unfortunately I have a feeling that, as the saying goes, “technology is easy, politics is hard” and that the things that would stop such a project are political and social.


February , 2010

Check out Leonardo da Vinci’s resume!

Although, it is really different than a modern resume in flavor, because it talks about what he can do, rather than what he has done.  Something for those of us who are job searching to keep in mind.

Vertical Farms

January , 2010

Taking the “wall of plants” idea to the next level is something called “vertical farming“.  Cool!

Tree house!

July , 2009

Check out this amazing tree house.  I really love the way the curved lines and the straight lines interact with each other, in both the interior and the exterior pictures.  I just wish that there were floor plans too, as I can’t totally picture how the whole thing fits together yet.  Still, a really wonderful design.