As it turns out, a low to medium level of background noise can actually improve your creative thinking!  This article from The Atlantic explains.


So one of the ways I don’t fit in that well in Silicon Valley is that I’m not crazy for whatever the latest gadget is.  Mostly when I hear about them I just think, “Why would I want to clutter my life with that?”.  But I recently read about these electronic glasses and thought that they sound actually useful.

The article touts them as useful for people who have multiple pairs of glasses or currently wear bifocals or progressive lenses.  But really, they could be useful for almost anyone who wears glasses.  Personally, I find that when looking at something quite far away, like a sign a block away, I often end up pushing my glasses very tightly to my nose to get a slightly stronger effective prescription.  I’ll bet many of us could use the ability to change our prescription if this new device becomes just a little less expensive.